But in what sense have Meghan Markle and Prince Harry already filed the Lilibet Diana trademark?


Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Photo credit: Chris Jackson – Getty Images

Not only at the registry office, but also on the net. They saw us along Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who, in the face of the birth of the wonderful little Lilibet Diana, have registered “the trademark”. The decision should make it so that others are therefore unable to take possession of the name, but in what sense exactly?

Anyone who wants to call their little girl Lilibet Diana (Lilibet as the diminutive of Queen Elizabeth, and Diana as the only, only and never forgotten Princess of Wales), will be free to do so. But be careful instead to want to make money on the name or to try even minimally to do business using the image of Harry and Meghan’s second daughter. Far-sighted as they are, the English tabloid reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have well thought of buying most of the online domains related to the name of the little girl. “As often happens with public figures – revealed an anonymous Sussex spokesman to, – a significant number of domains of potential names are purchased by the team to prevent the exploitation of the same once chosen and publicly shared”.

Photo credit: Pool - Getty Images

Photo credit: Pool – Getty Images

Carefully disseving this royal family news, however, two other interesting data emerge on the current dynamics in the Windsor house (and related behavioral norms). The source adds that Harry and Meghan bought the domains online “even before Queen Elizabeth approved the names”. We therefore infer from this that, despite Megxit, Her Majesty the Queen she still has – God always saves her! – the last word. But also that, precisely because of Megxit, Harry and Meghan know what they are saying about their choices (that is, they take them a priori). Gossip aside, the name of the little one is still simply wonderful.


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