Camila Cabello and the message of body positivity


The American singer professes to be proud of her imperfect body and conveys her message on TikTok

The American singer, after being filmed running in a park and showing a body with a few extra pounds, launched her body positivity message by declaring: “We are real women, with fat and cellulite!”


The singer, 24, had the courage to tell her insecurities and joined the ranks of American stars who are taking a stand in favor of what is called body positivity, showing themselves naturally.

The episode

It all started after the singer was photographed running in a park.


Shawn Mendes’ partner wrote in her message: “I was just running around the park, thinking about my own things and trying to keep fit and healthy.”

The bacon

And speaking of his bacon with a few extra pounds he said: “I was wearing a short top, which showed my belly. I didn’t hide it, because I was running and living like a normal person who doesn’t think about his body all the time! We’re human, and that’s okay.”


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