Cardi B strikes again! Here is the new model of Reebok sneakers inspired by the American rapper!


Cardi B for TReebok
Photos from Instagram @iamcardib

What can happen if the queen of American rap becomes the muse of a new model of sneakers? Success is assured! The world of street-wear will never be the same with the new sneakers Reebok inspired by Cardi B!

It is now a fact that the world of fashion is closely linked to that of music and the web. The one cannot ignore the other.

The world of music has always built new stylistic universes as the sounds and rhythm change. If we think of the particular type of clothing linked to the world of Disco Dance, consisting of flared trousers, rafts and sequins. Think of the world of hip-hop in the 80s, wide and low-waisted jeans and oversized t-shirts.

Each “musical” era has been related by a certain stylistic trend, made up of its own and well-recognizable characteristics.

In 2021 the situation remains unchanged: the world of music needs to be reflected in certain stylistic canons and the fashion world wants to be part of a certain musical genre, which reflects a particular generation.

This is precisely the case of the protagonist of today’s style guide of ” CheDonna “.

The brand of sneakers and sportswear Reebok choose Cardi B, american rapper, as his muse inspirer and creates, among other things, a model of shoes that will drive any self-respecting street-wear lover crazy.

But let’s take a step back, and see the origins behind this sporting goods brand. Because we who are fashion lovers, love 360 ° fashion, so also the history of fashion!

The origins of the Reebok brand must be sought back in 1895, when a young fourteen-year-old, Joseph William Foster, creates and designs a particular type of running shoes. Since then the road has been all uphill. In 1958, two of the grandchildren of the founding father of comrades J.W. Foster and Sons, make a very important contribution: they form the company called Reebok, after finding this word in the vocabulary of South Africa. The word of African origin rhebok, meant a particular type of African antelope.

From then on, Reebok has established itself to be one of the most iconic sporting goods brands in the world, creating models of shoes and clothing that will be remembered generation after generation.

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This will be the case of the protagonist of our style guide: on July 16th there will be the global launch of the new cardi classic leather sneakers model, inspired by the American rapper Cardi B!


But let’s see together how this sneakers is made specifically and how to match it. Let’s create super hype outfits together!

Let’s create irresistible outfits together, with the new sneakers of Reebok inspired by Cardi B!

Cardi B for Reebok
Collage from Instagram

The sneakers in question are a revisiting the classic model par excellence of Reebok. The model in question was a simple leather sneakers, with a particular wave-shaped sole that created “spikes” perfect to remain anchored to the floor. This model of sneakers was iconic in the 80s, used above all in the “stylistic” and “sporty” world of aerobics.

The model that you can buy next July 16th comes from this iconic model, and new features are added. The upper remains almost identical, but the sole changes. It becomes higher, and the particular wave shape that characterized the sole Reebok it becomes more massive. All completely colored in a very particular shade of ocher yellow.

Reebok he sees the rapper Cardi B as his muse and in the past he had already chosen the latter to represent his creations. One of the latest models created by Reebok for Cardi B this was also born from the iconic model of the street-wear brand. It had some details on the sole and was completely dthe lilac color. Lilac was the color of spring, and this Reebok he knew it well. The color of spring and the iconic sneakers meet to create a real magic!

But let’s go back to our model, the one that will be possible to buy shortly. How much is it? On the official website of the Brand Reebok, the cost of the sneakers is $110.00, which would be approximately € 93.00.

The price is not bad to be a sneakers, we just have to wait a few days for them to become ours forever!

In the meantime, let’s create some tailor-made outfits, in perfect street-wear style:

  • over-size plaid shirt, ribid crop top, long palace jeans, sneakers: this is the outfit most used by influencers around the world. It is perfect for autumn or for days when comfort is essential. Because it’s okay to be comfortable, but always in style.
  • floral dress and sneakers: this instead is the most summer outfit ever. A minidress, perhaps with floral print, combined with a sneakers, is always an excellent summer look, suitable for every occasion.

These are just some of the looks that can be created starting from a sneakers. The important thing is to always be authentic, and show with our outfits our taste and our personality!

Cardi B
Collage from Instagram

Also for today ends here the style guide of ” CheDonna “, today focused on sneakers by Reebok in collaboration with Cardi B.

Fashion, as we always say, goes hand in hand with current events, gossip and society. We can’t talk about fashion without talking about what’s happening in the world. So we will always meet here, to talk about everything that has and will have to do with fashion!

To be unique and always at the top.

Emanuela Cappelli


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