Carnival Row : a series of steampunk that marks the return of Orlando Bloom


In the year 2019, Amazon Prime Video launched its new series, starring Orlando Bloom. But the beautiful British is not the only surprise of this program : its aesthetics decidedly steampunk it is also appreciate. On the occasion of the filming of season 2, the Mag of the Movie comes back in the first part.
The title does not allow to guess the subject, it is good to know that The Carnival Of The Row it takes place in a universe of fantasy in full industrial era, in which they live together in an agreement on human, fairies, goblins, malicious (type of animal), and other magical creatures. Several plots are intertwined : political, romantic, social, all flirting with the gore.

A deep immersion into a fascinating world

The strength of The Carnival Of The Row is your universe very successful, in good company (almost victorian) in full industrialization, and fantastic, through the magical beings of the Republic of Burgue, a country populated by human beings in which there are refugees of the fairies and pucks after the war. There are a couple of good series steampunk and it has the merit of being intimidating.
The scenes that take place both in the interior bourgeois bored in the lavishly seedy streets recalling the London of Jack The Ripper. We are following with interest the daily life of the characters. In this world, humans reign supreme and contempt” faes “(in V. O.), or the magical creatures in the blood is less and is limited to the mundane tasks of the society (jobs and households for pucksthe prostitution of the fairies, which seem to be mostly women).

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Several plots to keep the pace

The other strong point of The Carnival Of The Row is his pace never slowed, and this thanks to the transition from one plot to another, which does not allow the spectator to the liberation of his attention. Between the romance of love-hate relationship between the secret Rycroft Philostrate, inspector human with a big heart (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss, fairies, a refugee of the war (Cara Delevingne), the political machinations of the two rival clans in pro and against magical creatures, the brutal murders and monstrous around the city, and the arrival of a disc rich in an area where you despise us, the viewer does not have time to get bored.
The number of reserve in addition to its share of mysteries and surprises that make people want to watch the next episode without having to wait.

A distribution in the form

Finally, the credibility of the actors who helped to make this program and retain the viewer. Orlando Bloom, who are usually already very fair, is here particularly compelling in the inspector tortured him, trying to fight the corruption of their world. The series marked its grand return to our screens (it is true that on the small screen, but it has assumed ever more importance in relation to the film), in a successful way, to this actor, promoted to the rank of superstar in his twenties, but having made a consecration in the semi-shade.
Jared Harris (Mad Men, Fringe, The Expand, The Crown) is excellent in the chancellor, the officer of the Republic of Burgue, seconded by Piety, his wife, with long teeth, played by Indira Varma (Game of Thrones). As for Tamzin Merchant (The Tudors) and David Gyasi (Cloud Atlas, Interstellar), give the replica to perfection. Small flat for Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad) : though physically perfect for the role of the fairy Tile Stonemoss, this used gateways sometimes it was a little cartoonish, especially the anger that ring false.

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The Carnival Of The Row it is a series to watch, because it brings something new : a great mystery and a very careful hit the target. The first season of 8 episodes of about 50-70 min, all available on Amazon Prime Video. A second season is filming.

Carnival of Row : trailer

Synopsis : In a universe of steampunk, which combines victorian society and magical creatures, the inspector Rycroft Philostrate investigation of the murders, while trying to live a secret relationship with the fairy Miniature Stonemoss…

The carnival of the Row – technical data Sheet

Creation : René Echevarria and Travis Beacham
Production : The Legendary Television, Amazon Studios
Cast : Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Indira Varma, Jared Harris…
Streaming : Amazon Prime Video
Number of seasons : 1 season 2 filming
Number of episodes : 8
Episode length : 50 to 70 min
Original issue date : August 30, 2019
Country : United States


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