Cecilia Rodriguez, Instagram, cleavage wrung out in a bikini: “Selfie perfect!”


The little sister of Belen, Cecilia Rodriguezto charm on Instagram more its more than 4 million readers with its extraordinary beauty. The small house-Rodriguez is in quarantine, like all Italians, and not only. Cecilia is located in the Trentino region, together with Ignazio Moser. The couple announced during the reality show Big Brother Vip and from that moment on, no longer leave. To deceive the beautiful Cecilia, the time has decided to have a little sun and share a moment of light-heartedness, with his fans via the social networks. The selfie from the top he put on display his stunning curvescan be so little space for the imagination of the fans.

Cecilia Rodriguez Instagram

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Cecilia Rodriguez Instagram: cleavage wrung out in a bikini

The beautiful Cecilia Rodriguez he decided to have a moment all to yourself and enjoy the first rays of the sun. Then a showgirl, and he thought that for click a selfie. Through the perspective of the top of the followers admire were curves, its stunning. The cleavage, wrung out in a bikini bandeau, not in the past, minimal unnoticed. Also be encouraging views, hid part of a large hat with outstretched wide, hypnotic is. There is nothing to do, in front of the sensuality is indescribable Cecilia, his admirers completely lost, the flooded the use of reason, and literally have the post like and comments.

The reaction of the fans

Can’t deny the stunning beauty Cecilia Rodriguez. A follower has said: “Wonderful, full of charm” and another immediately added: “The only one to be gno**a is also in quarantine!” Many have noticed it, his Golden-brown skin: “You Chechu got burned! Beautiful”. A admired, has expressed the desire to be really very interesting: “Let me take you to the quarantine with Chechu!” Finally, your friend, Ignazio Mosercould not resist in front of so much brilliance and commented: “Crazy!”

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Photos from the profile’s official Instagram: Cecilia Rodriguez (@chechurodriguez_real)

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