Celine Dion looks stunning in an extravagant black dress!


Celine Dion shared a sublime photo of her today on Instagram.

The professional portrait shows the famous singer in a beautiful black dress with a single sleeve of very puffy fur.

With her skillfully studied pose, Celine Dion embodies grace and femininity!

Here is the superb photo of the Quebec star: 

She reminds us of Natalie Portman in The Black Swan! She is stunning! 

Along with the photo, Celine Dion wrote this:

“ When you take my hand you hold my heart / And I know everything will be alright ”Hope you have a good start to the week! ❤️ – Céline xx…

Earlier this month, the singer shared several other flamboyant looks on Instagram. These are in fact souvenir photos of his show during his visit to London last summer. 

The beautiful Québécoise then wore, in turn, an emerald green long dress, a yellow princess dress, and a two-piece set made entirely of sequins. Review these photos now using the white arrows in the center of the post: 

Whatever her clothes, shoes, accessories, or hairstyle, our Celine Dion always looks fabulous!

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