Contraband: Xbox-Exclusive from the Just Cause creators promises co-op action

© Avalanche Studios / Xbox

Xbox Game Studios has announced a further collaboration with an external studio as part of the Microsoft Showcase for E3 2021. Because the Just Cause makers from Avalanche Studios are currently working on Contraband. The open-world shooter is to appear exclusively for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

With the first trailer still was no gameplay shown, but it plays well with a smuggler setting in a more relaxed atmosphere :

Contraband will be a co-op game with lots of action

“Contraband” is set in a setting from the 1970s. It goes to the smuggler’s paradise Bayan. The location is purely fictional and serves as the open-world location for the game’s co-op action. How many players can form gangs has not yet been announced .


What can you see in the trailer? Microsoft and Avalanche Studios have not yet commented on gameplay either. However, there were other indications of the setting of the game. Because in the trailer you can see the hideout of the gang whose members we will probably play.

On a table is a map with the plan of the upcoming mission. In addition, several Bayan towns were teased aboard. This includes a coastline, mountains, and a pirate town. The way it looks so far, very varied environments are offered.

There seem to be some places on the board that we’re going to visit. © Avalanche Studios / Xbox

“Contraband” appears as an exclusive from Microsoft exclusively for Xbox Series X / S and PC. There hasn’t been a release date so far, but we can be sure of one thing: It doesn’t matter when the game is released, it will be playable directly in the Game Pass for free.



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