Covered in Paint, Kylie Jenner Shows off Her Charms on IG


Kylie Jenner looks gorgeous in one of her sexiest and most incredible collaborations to date

Throughout her career, the beautiful model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner has gone through various photo shoots to collaborate with many different brands, but there is always one that stands out and remains in the memory of both the influencer and her dear audience.

That is why this time we will address one of the favorite photo shoots of the beautiful socialite, one that she enjoyed very much and in which she only covered her great beauty with paint, creating an excellent image.

This collaboration was made for Sasha Samsonova, a fairly high photo studio quality was handled and of course, all the necessary means to get to first-class work.

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In the photo, we could enjoy how the blue paint and the beautiful makeup combined while the beautiful girl took her hair and enjoyed being appreciated by millions of people who came and liked her.

That photograph has more than 2 million likes on her official Instagram profile, a piece of entertainment that was shared and that to this day stands out for its excellence, there is no doubt that she knows very well what she does and above all knows how to market it.


It has been several years since the young woman has been focusing on her own brands so lately you have not done so many collaborations with others focusing on her own company and dedicating most of her time to them to promote them.

His family has also focused a lot on his daughter, his partner Travis Scott, with whom by the way he has already returned, and of course with his sisters who have also made some launches and have been supporting them always present to help them in what is possible.


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