Crypto : Drake says that by the year 2021, Vitalik to 2020



Drake estimated that it takes four months to test the network with several clients Ethereum 2.0.

Buterin says that with the launch of the testnet Altona, the emergence of Ethereum 2.0 approach.

Justin Drake, a researcher involved in the development of Ethereum 2.0, believes that the launch of this new network could take place early in the year 2021. The possibility of a new delay in the genesis of Ethereum 2.0 is of interest to the community, while Buterin continues to pretend that the network will be in service for the current year.

A possible release date has been object of discussions during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the forum of Ethereum on Reddit, where Drake said that the initial stage of Ethereum 2.0 – what is called phase 0 – is not yet ready.

The researcher noted that with the end of Ethereum 2.0 to be released safely and in the best way possible, it should be tested in a test network. The network must be public and with more than three clients on different nodes connected, it should work without any problem for more than three months.

In addition, Drake has the hope that a rewards program of errors, similar to the reward.ethereum will also be launched, which will be open to the community during two or three months. Due to the complexity of this type of applications, the expert considers that it is very difficult for all this to happen in the third quarter of the year 2020.

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Justin Drake noted that a number of Christmas holidays and the holidays are approaching, it is thought, therefore, that the possibility of obtaining results will not be visible in Ethereum 2.0 in mid-November of this year. If so, it calculates a date convenient for the genesis of this new blockchain to happen is for the first few days of January of 2021, suggesting that it could coincide with the birthday of Bitcoin.

Justin Drake think that Ethereum 2.0 will not come out in the year 2020. Source: Ethereum Foundation / YouTube

With thanksgiving, November 26 and the December holidays, I would say that the last chance of the practice of genesis in the year 2020 is mid-November, in 4 months. As such, I am now inclined to say that the first practice to the date of Genesis is something like January 3, 2021 (the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin).

Justin Drake, a researcher of Ethereum 2.0.

Vitalik put in 2020

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and one of their developers, the most important, do not agree with Justin Drake. The programmer indicates that the phase 0 can be started much earlier, because with the release at the end of June in the test network multi-client Access, the countdown to the birth of Ethereum 2.0 has started to count. Buterin is expressed as follows:

The phase 2 Eth2 is in some respects simpler than that of eth1 and in some ways more complex: the point-of-sale more complex, but not PoW oriented to the GPU, which is complicated; more optimization is necessary, but not a virtual machine is complicated, among other things. I tend to say that eth2 phase 0 is a bit more simple in the network. In addition, eth2, you don’t have mission-critical applications to phase 1, so that the practices of risk of rupture are reduced.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum.

Buterin believes that the current version of Ethereum is much more complex in some aspects that Ethereum 2.0, and that blockchain has not had a trial period of four months. For this reason, it is considered that it is not necessary to have a trial period longer than the previous one to put in service the new network, and that it could be done, even before 2020.

In the midst of this tirade, The members of the community, Ethereum and the developers have criticized the constant change of date for the launch of the blockchain. A user identified as McDongger pointed out: “This evening for the ecosystem”, while others considered that the least of the reasons for delay again the event due to the December holidays.

Why another potential delay in the Ethereum 2.0?

Justin Drake notes that the continued delay in the launch date for Ethereum 2.0 is due to the need of every one of the aspects of this new network to be operated securely and optimally.

For example, last year, it is expected that the first stage of Ethereum 2.0 would be in service in January of 2020. When the day was near, Vitalik Buterin said that the blockchain to begin work in June of the same year. However, as reported by CryptoNews for the beginning of may, the co-founder was to the back and confirmed that the exact date was not yet available.

After these two simultaneous changes, he began to speculate that Ethereum 2.0 would not be ready for the year 2020, but for the 2021. Apparently, the need for an approach to multi-client networks in the test, carried out by the actors of the phase 0, time-delay, however, the birth of this new network.

Buterin has already been noted that the phase 0 is necessarily preceded by the operations of the test network with several clients, I hope that the recent launch of Altona reported in the media is constant.

Danny Ryan, the leader of the Ethereum 2.0 considers that networks are non-exclusive as a safety item, it is crucial to know if the blockchain will work. The expert explains that these networks can continue to operate despite the fact that there is a critical error in one of the customer node that is connected; that certifies that a lower exposure to vulnerabilities that leave the project.


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