Daymare: 1998, the Black Edition arrives exclusively in Europe on PS4


The exclusive Black Edition of Daymare: 1998 arrives in Europe on PS4 in April. In Japan, the game will be released on February 20.

The promotion of Daymare: 1998 continues unstoppable. In fact, Invader Studios has just announced that it wants to bring the Black Edition exclusively to Europe. But apparently only on PS4. For the uninitiated Daymare, 1998 is a survival horror game developed by the Italian studio Invader Studios. The developer wanted to reproduce the atmospheres and mechanics typical of the classic Resident Evil, but with a more modern graphics and mechanics. Our Daymare: 1998 review says the results have been comforting. So, for all those who have not already played it on PC, the arrival on PS4 and Xbox One

it could prove to be a godsend. As if that wasn’t enough Daymare: 1998 will arrive in Europe with an exclusive edition for PlayStation 4: the Black Edition.

This is a collectors edition containing the game, of course, a special cover, the character sheets, and pins dedicated to the various organizations that will meet during the adventure.

Then you will buy it?


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