Dead by Daylight attracts new players with Resident Evil, free blood points and discounts

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Dead by Daylight is currently more attractive than it has been for a long time, especially for those who are completely new to the game or want to start the horror game again after a long time. There are currently several delicacies luring you to a round of “Dead by Daylight”.

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil Chapter with Nemesis

Since June 15th, the Resident Evil chapter for “Dead by Daylight” is finally available, which brings Nemesis as the killer and Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy as new survivors into the game. After a long time, a new map was added: The Racoon City Police Department. All information about the perks and abilities of the newcomers can be found here:

The advantage: Nemesis in particular is recommended as a good entry-level killer. Even if it takes a little practice to really develop its full efficiency, it does not make it as difficult for newcomers at the beginning like some other killers. To play against Nemesis or to end up in around with Jill, Leon, Chris, or Claire, you don’t necessarily have to buy the expansion. You won’t miss the new map either.

The innovations: In addition, DbD is adding a few small revolutions with its 20th chapter. These include, on the one hand, the new, undead NPCs that spawn on the map together with Nemesis, and a form of crafting, as Leon can produce a grenade in the game with one of his stun grenade perks .

Dead by Daylight gives away blood points and tags

If you start from scratch with DbD, the current point in time also makes sense because developer Behavior Interactive is currently giving away 300,000 blood points with which you can already make a few levels with your dream killer or dream Survivor and unlock numerous advantages.


How do I get the free blood points? Simply start “Dead by Daylight” at any time until June 22nd, 2021 and the 300,000 blood points will land in your account.

  • Currently, “Dead by Daylight” is also celebrating Pride Month, which is why players can simply enter the code PRIDE in the in-game shop and unlock a free trailer in the form of a rainbow flag for their characters.

Discounts on DLCs and Free: Codes

And as if that weren’t reason enough to give “Dead by Daylight” a chance (again), there are currently generous discounts on the base game, but also numerous DLCs and bundles. PC gamers can look forward to the reduced Ultimate Edition on Steam, for example, which contains a gigantic load of content:

  • Main game
  • 11 killers
  • 11 survivors

But the game is currently also available at a lower price for Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. So if you want to get a bargain straight away, strike now and familiarize yourself with the multitude of DbD characters and the numerous cosmetics.

DbD event in July

Last but not least, there is a big event in July on the occasion of the 5th birthday of “Dead by Daylight”. From July 1st to 15th there will not only be special event items, such as toolboxes, medkits, and flashlights throwing confetti, but also many other gifts.

This will include a load of Shimmering Shards, which will be given away in the first week of the event, as well as discounts on perks in the Shrine of Secrets. In addition, outfits and trailers for survivors and killers are to be given away as soon as the community has achieved certain goals during the anniversary event. So it pays to stay tuned.

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