Disney +, Marvel’s Future Avengers: launch date for the anime series


Have you always dreamed of being able to see in an understandable language Marvel’s Future Avengers, the Avengers anime series? Well: it’s coming to Disney +.

You may not even know it, but in Japan, there has been an anime series based on the Avengers for years: it ‘s Marvel’s Future Avengers, and the protagonists are as you imagine Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and company. So far it has been relegated to the land of the rising sun, but now with Disney + things are about to change.

In the initial plans of Disney and Marvel Studio, Marvel’s Future Avengers should have been available on Disney in America since its launch in autumn 2019; but it was not possible. Now, however, the anime series has an official launch date: it will debut on Disney + Friday 28 February 2020. Not much is missing then, then.

Marvel’s Future Avengers will tell a separate story from both the comics and Marvel Studios films; however, it promises to be an interesting appointment for those who love the heroes in question. The dubbing in English, already confirmed, bodes well for an adaptation also in our country, where Disney + will arrive at the end of March 2020: we will keep you updated.

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