Emilia Clarke reveals who owned the Starbucks cup appeared in an episode of season 8


True quack of the last season of Game of Thrones, the appearance of a Starbucks cup had sparked a real buzz about who was at fault. Several months after, the culprit could well have been outed…

The Starbucks cup from Game of Thrones

If you are big fans of Game of Thrones, you have necessarily watched the last season with a lot of attention. Although the series is well and truly over, it is clear that there are still some outstanding issues, such as what happened to the body of Daenerys or who was really the King of the Night. But the most important may be this famous Starbucks cup appeared as if by surprise during episode 4 of the ultimate season.

But who is really guilty of this error ?

Criticized for many reasons, this last season of Game of Thrones has been marked by a scene where, during a banquet celebrating the victory against the Walkers White, it differed subtly a Starbucks cup close to Khaleesi. Real bad buzz, it has long ignored, who owned this cup has become famous in spite of himself. A mystery that had been solved… thanks to the Khaleesi herself.

In full promotion of the film Last Christmasactress Emilia Clarke was the guest of the famous talk show of Jimmy Fallon. During the show, the young woman is therefore the answer to the question which arose was the facilitator, but also thousands of people : who was the owner of this Starbucks cup ? And the culprit is so… Conleth Hill, best known for playing the role of Lord Varys. It is in the scenes of the evening following the ceremony of the Emmy Awards last month that the actor would have revealed this shameful secret.

A revelation that innocent Emilia Clarke

On the set of Jimmy Fallon, Emilia Clarke has obviously not afraid of possible retaliation since it was unveiled in detail what had happened. She adds that, during the evening, the actor was “possibly drunk”, which would explain why he would have revealed this secret. However, it will take that Conleth Hill admits by himself, but there is strong chance that this is him, since, as a reminder, Lord Varys is sitting next to Daenerys in the famous scene of episode 4.

As for Emilia Clarke, this revelation was especially an opportunity for her to clear customs, she who had been accused by his sister Sophie Turner to be the real owner of this cup. Invited on the same plateau de Jimmy Fallon in June last, the interpreter of Sansa Stark had in fact denounced his colleague. Decidedly, that twists and turns in this talk-show…

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