Extreme beauty, Demi Rose looks like a jungle princess

Demi Rose

In the times that we have been able to see the swimsuits of the British model Demi Rose, we have never encountered one as attractive as today, it is a leather swimsuit.

That’s right, a swimsuit with a leather look as if it were the skin of some animal as well as wearing an ornament on the head as if it were a crown, so his fans quickly believed they saw a princess of the jungle.

The photo was shared by young influencers through their stories on Instagram, where he is always sharing pictures of her beauty and that audience looking happy and pampered stay with this these pieces of entertainment so cute.

This time the young woman did very well, the photo was enough for her fans to fall in love with her again, sigh and above all they will enjoy her charms in a way that they already longed for because we have had time without seeing them an image of this style.

If it were a publication, it would surely have hundreds of thousands of likes, however, it was only published in their stories and it will disappear very soon but we rescued it for you so that you can enjoy it anytime you want.


Demi Rose is very focused on working and continuing to take new photographs for the brands she works with, being an ambassador for Pretty Little Thing and establishing herself as one of the greatest exponents of the fashion and fashion industry.

In addition to this photo, the British woman also posted her usual images with motivational and reflective phrases, as well as a video in which she shows off her new eyelashes, which she just put on and they were magnificent.

But that’s not all because she also showed us her beautiful pet a very nice furry cat that was meowing so that she opened the door and caressed it as it deserves, a beauty of an animal that is in charge of giving it a lot of affection.

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