Filippo Rossi’s slide: celebrates Silvia Romano but posts the photo of star Mia Khalifa


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Rome, May 12 – Thank goodness they exist Filippo Rossi and his «good right» to take us by the hand and accompany us through the corridors of reasonableness. He did it again this time, commenting the story of Silvia Romano and hastening to illuminate the bleak brains clouded by the “exasperated sovereignism” that show “so much insensitivity to a dramatic human story as it is that of the young woman”.

And so he wrote a long post on Facebook, in which he did his best to explain the – real, for heaven’s sake – human drama experienced by Romano, trying to put himself in his shoes and to reconstruct a hypothetical psychological process that would have led the

Black Brain

young to convert to Islam. Rossi speaks of Stockholm syndrome, of a mind tried by imprisonment, of psychological manipulation of the torturers. And then he invites everyone «to understand what it can mean to be at the mercy of criminals for 18 months or 75 weeks or 530 days, let’s try!».

Too bad that the soft tone and full of empathy Rossi has associated, instead of the photo of the cooperator just got off the plane, an image of the famous star Mia Khalifa, immortalized while wearing a teal Islamic veil, very similar to the one worn by Romano. Photography that above all is a meme, because it bears the inscription – in Impact characters typical of the most “populist” memes – “welcome home” accompanied by a little heart. So Rossi, in addition to having slipped on the face of the character, fell painfully also on the satirical question of the story.

The post obviously sparked the comments of his followers who they tastyly teased him, until Rossi, realizing the gaffe, “made the vague” and removed the photograph. too late, of course, because an army of merry-go-rounders had already taken the screenshot of the unhappy exit of the patron of Caffeine, spreading it everywhere.

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