Fortnite Celebration Cup on PS4: today’s Tournament prizes February 15, 2020


Today, February 15, 2020, will be held on Day 1 of the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PS4: we see all the Epic Games prizes, and the details to keep in mind.

Today, Saturday 15 February 2020, the first appointment with the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PS4 will be held on Fortnite Chapter 2. This is an exclusive tournament, available only on the Sony flagship console: players will be able to participate for free to win some very interesting prizes. To participate in the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PlayStation 4 you need to keep in mind some simple information: first of all the timetables

, which should coincide with the 19.00-22.00 band (except for last-minute changes from Epic Games). The proposed game mode will then be the standard In Single, which will be accessible to all players who have two-factor authentication active on their account, and who have reached at least level 15 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

Day 1 of the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PlayStation 4 will present prizes in cosmetic items, shown below in a practical list. If you want cash prizes instead, you will have to play tomorrow night, on Day 2, which we will examine separately later.

  • Best 50% – “Sheltered” Spray
  • Best 25% – “Wild Detail” Pickaxe
  • Best 5% – “Tango” Costume
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