Fortnite: Finally Released the News of the Week 8

Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent years and Epic Games always introduces new updates to make the game not monotonous; the players, in fact, have access to a new world with numerous and fantastic features.

Epic Games has decided to extend the second piece until February and, consequently, the updates will be more sporadic; fortunately, the development team worked hard to introduce new challenges for week 8; here are more details revealed.

Fortnite comes new challenges for week 8: here’s what it is

The players breathe a sigh of relief because the development team has introduced new challenges; in particular for week 8 of the first season are the following:

  • Perform killings in the Hydro 16 and Evergreen Hedges areas
  • Damage to various  supplies
  • Land on the island and find a supply within ten seconds.

Fortnite’s fiercest fans this week certainly can’t get tired as the challenges don’t end there; in fact, there are also:

  • Complete the swimming challenge in the Lago Languido areas and / or in the eastern area of ​​Idro sixteen ;
  • Perform kills without using the viewfinder;
  • Move an object, then an enemy and then catch a fish with a spear;
  • After using a hang glider, inflict damage on enemies;
  • Identify two chests that are within thirty seconds of each other;
  • After having landed from the Bus collect wood before sixty seconds pass (only within a single game);
  • Locate the hidden letter E inside the “In Picta” upload.


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