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A new update has been deployed on Fortnite in this Wednesday, April 29. It is a patch of season 2, the patch 12.61. And as with every update, the skins were leaked, revealing what will be available in the shop these next few days !

For the moment, little is known about this update. But like every other time, the dataminers have enjoyed it and have searched everywhere in the files to find out what’s new. Among these novelties, there are of course the skins ! In this article, we will list you every skin (outfit, glider, accessory back…) found in the social networks of dataminers recognized.

New costumes and new skins on Fortnite, patch 12.61

We don’t know when all of these skins will come out, but there are great chances that the majority happens in the next ten days. Make sure the grain and think to look at the shop of the day on Fortnite ! In the meantime, here are the skins and their accessories found in the game files.

After the skins of Travis Scott, Epic Games seems to calm down a bit on the production of skins, but there are still a few skins. On his Twitter, FunGamesLeak shared the future skins, and there’s not a lot !


It is very likely that Epic Games we of surprises in store for the next few weeks because it is rare that a patch also makes a few skins. We will keep you obviously aware, but in all cases, remember that the next season is coming up on Thursday, June 4, 2020or in two weeks !

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