Fortnite: Players Create Order After A Weak Start But Still – So There’s The Reward

Epic Games

In Fortnite is in a hill Autumn Challenge, which aims to strengthen the team spirit, but not going so well. Did Epic Games accidentally reveal that the air in Fortnite is out?

What is this challenge? In Fortnite, on November 28, at 4:00 pm, a mission was launched to the players of the Autumn Queen. All players from around the world should work together to unlock the fall leaf paint job.

By December 2, 2:00 pm, you must have collected 2,500,000,000 points to unlock the paint job for all participants.

This is the paint that you can unlock:

Is the air out at Fortnite?

Why is the Challenge a negative sign for Fortnite? Epic Games may have accidentally betrayed itself with the launch of the Fall Challenge.

The challenge started yesterday afternoon and so far she does not seem to be running well.

Players around the world have only gained a few points so far:

  • So far 414,235,977 points have been reached – the number was reached after about one day

That pace would not be enough to do the challenge, then there would be no free paint job, and it would look as if less Fortnite were playing than Epic intended.

Everyone had to work together at the event in Season 8

Why is progress so tough? It seems that fewer players are playing Fortnite than a year ago:

  • Twitch viewer numbers for Fortnite from June 2019 also speak in favor of this.
  • In addition, the season in Fortnite is already relatively advanced – many have the Battle Pass already full and therefore less reasons to play than usual
  • the challenges are also designed to only affect the group game – solo games are not included
  • and yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US – that, too, could have reduced participation

There has always been a challenge where all players from all over the world had to work together. But this was good at the time.

How to earn points for the challenge

How do you collect the points? There are 3 different ways to earn points for the Autumn Challenge:

  • Heal Teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (1 point per healed HP)
  • Revive a Teammate (2 points)
  • Play a match with a friend (5 points per friend)

Here you can see how many points are currently being collected in real time.

Now, if every player in the world playing Fortnite did those 3 things during the game, a lot of points would have to come together.

Here you can see the bandage bazooka in action.

Was Thanksgiving to blame for the weak start?

That’s why the prize will probably still be there: Epic will certainly have set the Challenge so that they should “certainly work.”

It is quite possible that yesterday was just a “particularly weak day”, also thanksgiving in the US. Then it would be that the game number is now increasing again for the weekend.

It seems hard to imagine that Epic would allow such a challenge to be “lost”. That would not look good for the game.

Players turn on – create Challenge yet

Update 30:11, 20:20 clock: Meanwhile, the goal is as good as achieved. The participation has probably increased significantly on Friday evening and on Saturday:

  • At the moment, the players stand at 2,498,610,518 points and are only marginally out of the win – they have just under 30 hours left.

So there is the reward: who now plays a round, can get so the finish “autumn leaf”: To get the reward, it is enough to complete a game in Fortnite and that until December 2 at 2:00 clock German Time.

The rewards should then be distributed by December 6th.

What do you all mean? Could that be one reason why the Challenge is not running?


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