Game & Watch Zelda Edition announced, release already in 2021

© Nintendo

Nintendo unveiled a new piece of hardware during E3 2021. Whereby we have to put “new” in quotation marks, since it is basically not a new technology. It is an adaptation of the Game & Watches in the “The Legend of Zelda” edition.

The so-called Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is basically the device that we could already buy in the Mario edition. Now it comes again, but with a new game, or with new games. Here is the announcement trailer:


The new “Game & Watch” system will have four classic games . You can look forward to this and other features as part of “Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda”:

  • “The Legend of Zelda”
  • “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link”
  • “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”
  • “Vermin” (link version)
  • Game time clock plus game time timer

The new hardware comes on November 12, 2021, and is expected to be available for around 60 euros, like the previous model. In keeping with the Christmas business, you will certainly find it on the retailer’s shelves.

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo


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