GeForce Now: Activision Blizzard games are no longer on the service also because of Nvidia


Activision Blizzard’s games are no longer on GeForce Now also because of Nvidia: there has been a misunderstanding about the management of permits.

Activision Blizzard’s games are no longer on the streaming GeForce Now gaming service also because of Nvidia. It seems that the decision is based on a misunderstanding about the management of permits by the two partners.

The news that a few days after the official launch of all Activision Blizzard games have disappeared from GeForce Now has immediately made us think of some money problem or some internal struggle between the publisher of Overwatch and Nvidia.

In reality, it is not so. Or rather not only.

“Activision Blizzard was a fantastic partner during the GeForce Now beta,” said Nvidia, “so much so that we chose it for the free trial period to offer to our founding members.” But there was a misunderstanding and therefore Nvidia “removed the games from service, with the hope of being able to work with them to reactivate these and many other games in the future.”

The misunderstanding which they refer is the one on whether or not to be able to stream Activision Blizzard games through GeForce Now. Nvidia said he asked for permission, Activision claims not to have given it explicitly, as did the various Capcoms, Konami, Rockstar and Square Enix. And so Nvidia had to remove from the catalog the products of which it did not have permissions.

This is because, although you think you own a game, in reality, the decision whether to be able to stream it from a computer that is not in your possession, apparently, is not up to you.

So Activision and the others can not only prevent you from doing this but also use the blockade to get a new trade deal. Bloomberg claims, in fact, that behind his Activision reluctance there is his recent agreement with Google. The Overwatch League and the Call of Duty League have abandoned Twitch for YouTube and in the future, they could also land on Stadia. So supporting a Google competitor could be inconvenient.

Here, then, the misunderstanding is explained: we will see in the next few hours whether it will be possible to reconcile the two sides.


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