God Of War Ragnarok: Game Name Still Unclear, Despite Speculation

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Recently there has been a little confusion in the PlayStation community, which is eagerly awaiting the sequel to the “God of War” reboot. The reason for the question marks over the heads of the fans is the previously speculated title God of War Ragnarok, which does not have to be called that in the end.

Sony is now listening to the game name debate. The reason the title is believed to be Ragnarok is because of the prominent presence of that name in the announcement trailer. Here it is said, “Ragnarök is coming”, that is, the downfall of the gods and the world. So it makes sense to simply assign this name to the game.

Ragnarok not necessarily the name of God of War 2 (reboot)

But the premise of the game doesn’t have to be synonymous with the title. According to Sony it is and will remain the “God of War sequel” for the time being. They have not yet used a specific name.

The tip of the speculative iceberg, however, was recently reached and caused by Sony Interactive Entertainment itself, when they inserted a corresponding logo in a document for investors, which clearly stated “God of War: Ragnarok”. Many now saw this as official confirmation that the game would actually be called that.

But that is obviously not the case. Above all, Cory Barlog, the game’s creative director, has now communicated this accordingly. And Sony had the corresponding logo removed from the presentation following the discussions. There is now a regular “God of War” logo as a placeholder.

It appears that the previous logo was created by fans as it can be found via Google search. Maybe someone at Sony simply built this into the presentation document because it looked better? Or the name is correct, only there is still no official go from YOU.

In the end, however, the only important thing for us is that Sony does not want to talk about the official name of the 2nd reboot part at the moment. When it comes to this and what the game will be called, we still have to wait and see.

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