Gone with the wind : how many times Clark Gable has been married ?


The movie gone with the wind is in crisis, accused of being racist. In this film legendary, Vivien Leigh gave an answer to Clark Gable, a real man-to-woman.

Gone with the windand the controversy. A couple of days ago, HBO Max has temporarily removed this film was released in 1939, based on a novel published three years before, considered racist. After strong criticism, the platform has finally decided to return to access this function, with the addition of a historical contextualization. In this legendary film, which won no less than eight academy awards, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable gave the replica and offers one of the couples most emblematic of the 7th Art. It must be said that the comedian was a cheater, a man to the women who collected the wedding. During his life, he has been married no less than five times. First with Josephine Dillonand , in 1924. She is very accomplished actress, who has sensed the potential of their dear and tender 17 years her junior, after having met in a drama school in Oregon. Fallen in love, that was established in Los Angeles in the year of their union. But this idyll did not last.

Then denied rumors that he had married her only to continue his career, saying that he was motivated by love, and that “I had a debt of gratitude.” that have guided his early career. In 1930, shortly before signing with MGM, Clark Gable, has filed for divorce… and got re-married two days before, with Maria Franklin Langham. The two have lived a beautiful love story before that other actress, the cause of their divorce in 1939. In the set of No Man of Her Own, Clark Gable fell under the charm of Carole Lombard. They waited for four years before flirting at the ball of Mayfair in Hollywood. When asked to go up to his hotel room, she would have said : “Who do you think you are, Clark Gable ?” Divorced from their partners, they fled to Kingman, Arizona, and settled in a ranch that they bought where they had cats, dogs, chickens and horses. But in 1942, Carole Lombard was killed in a terrible plane crash.

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A son he has never known

Seven years later, to Sylvia Ashley and Clark Gable was married in a ceremony held in California. But, again, the union did not last, and in 1952, the two were divorced. The fifth wedding of the actor legendary, has been celebrated for three years after, with Kay Williams. She was the last love of his life. On November 6, 1960, while his wife was pregnant, and Clark Gable is dead, victim of a heart attack by leaps and bounds. 124 days later, she gave birth to her son : “He wanted so much to be a child…” “The majority of the film until the birth of my son, always the doctor who cared for him, before taking his last breath. I intend to be there when it will come to the world, and I want to see it grow.” He never had the time.

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