«I started out of boredom in the lockdown. The secret? Making people laugh with simplicity”-


of Alexander Vinci

To the 21-year-old from Chivasso it still does not seem true that he has accumulated over 100 million followers: Until three months ago if someone had told me I would have taken him for crazy

Almost does not believe Khaby Lame when he hears the amazing results pitted which has gotten from March to today on TikTok: 1 million to 76.4 million followers in just 90 days. Before him, now, only the American Addison Rae (81.4 million) and Charli D’Amelio (118.3 million). Until three months ago if someone had told me such a thing I would have taken him for crazy, admits to the courier.

On Instagram, where Boasts 24.8 million followers, on Monday, however, it surpassed none other than Chiara Ferragni, becoming cos the most popular Italian on the platform. On the contrary: Italian for everyone, but not for the State. Arrived at Chivasso (Turin) from Senegal together with his parents when he was only one year old, grew up in a complex of social housing. And now that he’s 21 years old would have all the credentials to obtain citizenship. He requested it some time ago, after coming of age, but due to some bureaucratic delays it has not yet come into possession of it. He assures that everything should have finally worked out for the best: a little more patience, then officially become one of our compatriots. Of the tricolor record on the most famous of influencers for he cares little, he says not to pay too much attention to statistics. Modest to the limits of shyness, he shields himself and does not incense. Much less does he unbutton on future projects, which in the fall will see him for example fly to the United States to record a video with Will Smith. Everything happened and is continuing to happen really quickly – he reflects –, so “realize” and enter into the perspective of things sometimes not easy.

On the other hand, until last year you worked in a plastics factory that then went into crisis. What effect does it have on you today to look back?
Having opened my TikTok account essentially out of boredom during the lockdown, in hindsight the pandemic has allowed me to dedicate myself to what I wanted since I was a child: to have fun and entertain others. Before, however, I looked at the same white walls every day, I would come home sad and think, “This is not what I want to do in my life.”

What do you think was the key to success, the element that brought you out among the many other social comedians?
In addition to facial expressions, I believe first of all simplicity. I’m not one who organizes special preparations before filming: I take, as I know, my water bottle and I’m ready to record.

A yno to the less is more. But really all so simple?
The difficult to find the right content to parody, an operation that usually requires up to three hours of research. It seems easy but it does not : you need something that pleases and above all that does not offend anyone. Luckily I always joke about harmless things and read, so I never received complaints.

Do you have any reference models?
In Italy Checco Zalone, who is an excellent actor and has always made me laugh. I would love to work with him. Abroad instead Eddie Murphy and Omar Sy, who among other things has recently started to follow me on Instagram. And of course Will Smith.


And the notoriet what effect does it have on you?
I appreciate it very much, to be stopped on the positive road and it is always very nice. On the other hand, for a creator the fans are essential, and I have a very nice relationship with those who follow me. In more I never met rude people.

Your girlfriend Zaira has been with you since before the boom. changed something between you?
Absolutely not, everything remained the same. Khaby for her not the tiktoker, but the same guy she met in October. We are very well together and we have several common interests. Music, for example.

From your videos for it is clear that your greatest passion football.
Cheering Juventus since I was little, were the times of Nedved and Del Piero (
also appeared with him in a video, ed), and of course I continue to followirla. Without taking anything away from Pirlo, a great champion who was normal to find some difficulties in his first experience as a coach, I hope that next season will go better than the one just passed. As an eternal optimist as I am I have confidence in Allegri, I point to it a lot.

There is also room for basketball.
True, in this case my idol LeBron James: cheering on the teams in which he plays. You’re the Lakers for three years now. But I’m also fond of the Miami Heat, his former team: I remember that at the time I watched all the compilations online.

In April, in your first interview at the courier, you said that with the earnings of your business you would like to give a hand to your parents and your friends of social housing. Have you already succeeded?
Not yet, also because as already said everything is happening really fast. But slowly I’m trying.

In your videos you do not speak: a winning choice that has allowed you to become an international character. But is there a message you want to send to the public?
Always follow your dreams because everything is possible. absolutely. If you really believe it, anyone can achieve anything. I made it: why should others not also succeed?

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