Lyna Pérez

One of the favorite activities of the American model  Lyna Pérez is modeling for the videos in which she promotes various products and on this occasion she again found herself making a new account for the energy drink brand with which she collaborates.

That’s right, this is a new ad made by the influencer in which she appears with a panda bathrobe walking through her home until she decides to activate and have one of the drinks completely changing her appearance with a much more elegant set of clothes.

The young woman’s fans managed to enjoy every second in which her charisma and beauty stood out to become the center of attention in addition to her charms that were responsible for keeping her followers glued to their screens even longer.

The video lasts about four seconds and in this one, he gives us a small tour of his home, we could see how he has it adorned, but the best of all is that we can spend a few more moments with a beautiful young woman who does not stop working to bring us these entertainment pieces.

So far there are more than 225,000 reproductions that the short video clip has gathered, one that was quite successful and that works very well for him to continue working on what he likes so much, which is modeling, the promotion of various services and products.



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