It Shows off a Micro Waist! Mia Khalifa Shows off Her Marked Abdomen


Mia Khalifa surprised her fans with a flirty video where she showed her charms and also the result of the gym.

Showing off her tiny waist, the beautiful model and actress Mia Khalifa once again conquered her followers in a flirty video that highlights her marked abdomen.

The enormous charms of the beautiful Mia Khalifa are characteristic, anyone who knows her name immediately identifies her by these two large protrusions on the upper part of her figure.

However, on this occasion the protagonist of a publication that he made on video was not said curves, rather it was his tiny waist.


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The 27-year-old celebrity herself has stated that she is very proud of her marked waist, on constant occasions she has shown it to us both in her feed and in her stories.

Khalifa was wearing pans and a lavender sweater, which was raised a bit because she was showing off her squares, without a doubt this part of the body is one of the most difficult to mark.

This video, in particular, the renowned model and influencer shared it through her stories a few days ago, where she mentions that it is a day of rest perhaps for the arduous exercise she has been doing every day since she started this new routine.

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