Kendall Jenner sexy in mini pink dress on Instagram !


Kendall Jenner has posted a cute photo of her and her friend Joan Smalls on Instagram ! The two mannequins, wearing a pink dress !

A few hours ago, Kendall Jenner has posted a picture of herself on Instagram ! The young woman took the pose alongside his friend, Joan Smalls ! The two young women wore mini dresses pink ! MCE TV will tell you more !

The temperature is a notch on Instagram today ! In effect, on the occasion of the birthday of top model Joan SmallsKendall Jenner posted a snapshot to fall to the ground with the mannequin !

“I love you, Joan Smalls “ wrote sister Kylie Jenner in the title of this famous photo ! A small statement that might give pleasure to the main question !

More than the beautiful Kendall Jenner has not posted any photo through your history Instagram ! In fact, in the screenshot in question, the two young women wearing a lovely pink dress and candy !

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Kendall Jenner : surfers love this picture

As each one of the posts of Kendall Jenner on Instagram, the latest in date, which was a success on the web ! And for a good reasonits multiple accounts of fans rushed to re-publish your photo with Joan Smalls !

A photo that people loved that you commented ! In effect, obviouslyfans of Kendall and adore her friendship with the supermodel… But above all the gaze of the two young women in the photo !

MCE TV offers you the opportunity to see some of the comments adorable of internet users ! “They are both super beautiful ! The pink goes super well ! “

Or even : I love the dress of Kendall Jenner ! But all that is going to this is incredible ! “” I love it, really canon girls ! So in reality, they are not supermodels for nothing ! “ And we can read in the social network !

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Praise could give pleasure to two young women who are visibly not to be friends on the podium !