Kim Kardashian Criticized for Wearing Sensitive Earrings

Kim Kardashian wears Om logo earrings. Photo: Twitter Kim Kardashian.

Hindu devotees criticized Kim Kardashian when she wore earrings shaped like their symbol.

In a recent photoshoot, Kim Kardashian wore earrings with the Hindu symbol Om. She lay on the bed, posing sexy with a strapless top. On Twitter, many people commented: “My religion, not yours”, “Stop appropriating India’s culture”, “I ask you to apologize immediately. What right do you have when expressing your religion? my religion?”, “Om is a sacred symbol for Hindus, not jewelry for you to wear”…

In Hinduism, Om is a spiritual symbol, worn to show devotion. Rajan Zed – president of the Hindu Association – wrote on his personal page: “Inappropriate use of Hindu symbols, sacred deities, or other concepts is not okay because it hurts people who are religious. Those things are not meant to be used as a fashion statement or as a tool for expressing a sexy style.”

Before Kim, Cardi B had to apologize for posing like the Hindu goddess Durga in a shoe advertisement.


Kim Kardashian was born in 1980 in the US, is a TV star, model, and businessman. Along with her sister Kylie Jenner, Kim gradually entered the fashion and cosmetics industry. The star launched the cosmetics line KKW Beauty, which grossed $100 million in its first year (2017). In April, she was ranked billionaire by Forbes magazine.

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