Lady Gaga: her gesture full of kindness that has not gone unnoticed – Actu Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga : a star with a big heart

It is only after you have left the store that Shannon realized that she had spoken with Lady Gaga! It is, therefore, returned to speak with him: “Hey, you’re Lady Gaga, isn’t it? My best friend in high school was one of his greatest fans. And you’re the reason he made his coming-out. So I wanted to thank you for being an ally amazing.”

The statement of the young man seems to have affected the interpreter of “Stupid Love”. A few seconds later, the superstar gave, in effect, his jacket to the fan. “While I was telling my story about my friend, she took off her jacket and I said, ‘I loved both my jacket. Would like to. It is up to you. Since there are now. It is you who d├ęchireras with it now.’“said Shannon, still dazed by what had happened to him.

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