“Last Christmas” : the magic between Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding


(Relaxnews) – Universal studios have just unveiled the first official trailer of their upcoming romantic comedy worn by Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Set for release in cinema on 20 November in France, “Last Christmas” will follow the character cynical of Kate whose life will be turned upside down by his encounter with a mysterious young man cheerful.

With “Last Christmas”, Emilia Clarke, the actress revealed in her role as Daenerys in “Game of Thrones”, tried his hand at romantic comedy. On Tuesday 13 August 2019, the Universal studios Pictures have unveiled the first trailer of this comedy which will be released in time for the holidays of end of the year, the next 20 November in France.

In “Last Christmas”, which takes the famous song of George Michael, Emilia Clarke plays Kate, a young woman working in a store dedicated to Christmas, open all year. Cynical and discouraged, the young woman is a true wreck traveling that takes her life seriously. Its patron saint, as portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, does not take tweezers with it and does not hesitate to call”Elf lazy that never seems to work” in front of a group of customers present in the shop. It was then that the young woman goes to meet Tom, played by Henry Golding, a mysterious young man she will soon get closer. Over time, Kate confides and reveals him to have been close to death two times : “I was really sick and I almost died. I do not tell it to anyone because they become weird but I don’t think that you will become one,” she said to the character of Tom. “I just scared all the time”, confides she.

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Co-written by Emma Thompson, who also takes the role of the mother of Kate in the film, this feature film was directed by Paul Feig, the director who recently “The shadow of Emily,” with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, released in 2018. “Last Christmas” marks the return of Emilia Clarke at the cinema since “Solo : A Star Wars Story” in 2018. The romantic comedy also sign the reunion between Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding after the global success of “Crazy Rich Asians” in which the two actors took the main roles.

The story of “Last Christmas” delivers a special resonance on Emilia Clarke since the british actress was reported last march to have suffered two aneurysms during the filming of “Game of Thrones”.

Last Christmas

The 20 November at the cinema

Trailer : Youtu.be/z9CEIcmWmtA


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