Lele Pons Doing This on the Private Jet: Go up the Stairs and It Happens!

Lele Pons | Instagram

If Enrique Iglesias has a private jet and  Antonio Banderas rents one from time to time, it is not surprising that Lele Pons has a plane and pilot when she feels like it. The private jet with which Amanda Cerny dreams but only Lele has, the luck of being famous.

Ok, Argentina has money and fame, why not have a plane if the economy allows it? You have to recognize that moving in a private vehicle has its own thing, especially if you don’t have to share traffic or traffic jams on the highway, don’t you think?

The thing changes if all this staging is due to one of those humorous sketches with which the celebrity makes a living … wasn’t there anything easier with which to try?

Okay, we imagine that Lele is going to catch one of the thousand planes she takes, we imagine that she can afford not to share a flight with anyone else and we imagine that diva’s stance on the stairs is because of who she is and not because of work.

But it is seen that neither the plane takes off for her, nor the pilot has a definite direction nor is it expected to Argentina. Lele has returned to resort to humor to leave us all speechless with one of those stories based on photographs that usually fill their networks. It is neither true nor true.

Neither plane worthwhile, no gesture of earthly goddess and yes ground staff that is taken by force to Lele, the details of a humorist who wants to give the sensation of walking over silver but that does not reach him to float a plane. Especially if it is a jet and especially if it is private.

Getting caught on a jet that is not yours is terrible, but having to encourage you to get off it is even worse. It’s the bad thing about being famous and getting caught doing unlawful things, right Lele?

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