Life is Strange and LiS: Before the Storm appear as a remaster (update)

© Square Enix

After Square Enix presented Life is Strange 3 with the title True Colors yesterday, the announcement of a remastered collection of the very first Life Is Strange as well as the Liz prequel Before the Storm follows. For this, the original developers at Dontnod are working with Deck Nine and giving the old parts a visual upgrade.

Life is Strange and Before the Storm as a remaster

The story of Chloe is being reissued with the Remastered Collection, at least in terms of graphics and animation. Thanks to motion capture, the first two Life is Strange games should be a bit more contemporary and realistic and be ready in time for the third LiS part.

When will the Liz remaster be released? The remastered versions of “Life is Strange” and “Before the Storm” will be released shortly after True Colors in autumn 2021 for PC, Xbox One / S, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia. The remaster is included as a standalone and in the Ultimate Edition of Liz 3.


What is Life is Strange about?

In the world of Liz, atmosphere meets socially critical issues, individual fates, and a pinch of supernatural abilities. In the first part, we get to know Max and her strength, with which she can turn back time and thus not only influence the past, but also the present and the future.

Relive the emotional story between Chloe and Max in high resolution in the Remastered Collection. © Square Enix

Instead, we end up in the coastal town of Arcadia Bay, where we not only meet our old friend Chloe, but also the disappearance of Rachel Amber, corruption, secrets, and strange natural phenomena. “Before the Storm” is the prequel to the events of the first “Life is Strange”.



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