Love, rebellion and frustration: but who is Meghan Markle? The past speaks for her


TheLove that moves the sun and the other stars”. This is how Dante spoke, describing this feeling as a very powerful force. Indeed, love is just like that: it can take us up and then make us fall into the void. It makes us go back and forth, but it hardly allows us to stand still. Love often leads us to do things that we never imagined, as happened at the Prince Harry, when in January 2020 he announced on Instagram that he and his wife Meghan Markle they would have renounced their “senior” role in the British monarchy. In March of the same year, the decision became operational: from that moment the Dukes of Sussex left Great Britain to move to America, her homeland. There are those who in this choice have glimpsed a happy ending, others have had a dejà vu not too pleasant.

I was afraid that history would repeat itself“, explained Harry during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on CBS last March. On that occasion the Dukes of Sussex spoke about their mental health problems during their years at court. the comparison, therefore, arises spontaneously: Meghan is equal to Lady Diana? Like her, she could not stand the rigid etiquette of Palazzo, she struggled to be accepted, but failing she fell ill with depression. Harry, preferring her to the royal family, saved her. But is this really the case?

Meghan vs. Diana: princesses in comparison

“Meghan and Diana have almost no nothing in common, just look at their background – he told Lavinia Goldsmiths, expert of the English royal family -. Meghan is American, Diana is a Spencer, one of the noblest families in England. She was born in Sandringham, where royals usually spend Christmas, spent a lot of time with the children of Elizabeth II. Given her age, it was long thought that she could be the ideal wife for Andrea. The only thing Diana and Meghan look alike in is the fact that they come from a ‘destroyed’ family, they were both daughters of divorcees”. The separation of her parents seems, however, to have had greater consequences on Diana’s life: “The abandonment of her mother, when she was still very young, led her to need continuous confirmation in life. She married very young, with a man who did not love her and who did not give her the certainties she needed. That made her insecure.” Meghan is different: stronger, with a past behind her and a future alongside a husband who seems to love her madly.

Of the same opinion of the expert Lavinia Orefici was also the Prince Philip of Edinburgh: in Meghan she has never seen the naivety of her former daughter-in-law, but the cunning of her “aunt”, Wallis Simpson. She too is American, divorced (even more than Meghan) and able to remove her husband from the royal family forever, with more serious consequences, since her consort was not just any royal, but Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom.

Edward VIII as Harry: two hearts divided between love and homeland

Perhaps not everyone knows this love story, but it is one of the most Romantic and passionate of all time. Edoardo and Wallis met thanks to mutual friends in 1931. At the time, he was the heir to the throne of England, she a wealthy woman, but still bourgeois. As if that were not enough, Simpson already had a marriage behind her, with the American officer Earl Winfield Spencer, a man probably alcoholic and violent. She was also about to separate from her second husband, Ernest Aldrich Simpson, an entrepreneur who heads a large shipping company. “Wallis Simpson was a very elegant and intelligent woman. She always said, ‘I’m not beautiful, but I dress better than anyone else,'” the expert explained. It was easy for Edoardo to lose his mind for her: soon they became Lovers.

But this news did not please the royal family. “It is said that George V did not like the idea that Edward ascended the throne after his death – said Lavinia Orefici -. He said, ‘I hope Edward never has children,’ because he didn’t want anything to be put between Albert, his second son, and the crown. Edward’s friendships were dislike and worried about his approach to the throne. He was an elegant man, very courted and adored by the pink print. But to doAnd the star it was a different job than becoming king.” Wallis Simpson, then, was seen as the badly in person: foreign and divorced. Edward, ascending the throne, would also have been the head of the Anglican Church and it was unacceptable, for the time, for a sovereign to marry civilly. But there was no other alternative: since Wallis’ ex-husbands were still alive, it would have been impossible to celebrate the wedding according to the religious rite. This love seemed impossible to everyone.


When George V died, Edward took his place, but he could not give up Wallis: he wanted to marry her at all costs. In the face of disapproval from the government and the Commonwealth, Edward VIII decided to abdicate. It was December 1936, an unforgettable date for the United Kingdom: the first time in English history that a sovereign voluntarily renounced the crown. “You must believe me if I tell you that I would have found it impossible to bear the heavy burden of responsibility and fulfill my duties as king, as I would have liked to do, without the help and support of the woman I love“, said Edoardo in a speech on the radio, justifying his choice. What happened next in the UK, is narrated in the film “The King’s Speech”.

Since that time the former sovereign and Wallis have lived in exile in France, being according to Orefici “the most worldly couple and requested by the international jet set”. In 1937 they married in the château de Candé. She became Duchess of Windsor, but did not acquire the title of Royal Highness. This thing is said to have annoyed much more his consort than her. “For Wallis Simpson the monarchy was an institution Old fashioned – said the expert -. She, who made her elegant a distinctive feature of her being, called the Queen Mother: ‘the Scottish cook’. Queen Mary never wanted to see her again, until the end of her days. So much so that Wallis was not admitted to court even during the funeral of George VI. Relations have always been very cold and distant, at least until the reign of Elizabeth II, when the sovereign welcomed Wallis to Windsor, for the funeral of her uncle Edward”.

Although abdicating was a painful choice, the couple never regretted it: “Their marriage proves it: they were together all their lives and are now buried both in frogmore gardens.” Will Harry and Meghan be able to say the same in a few years? the Similarities between the two events are obvious, but the story of the Dukes of Sussex has an ending still to be written.


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