Mario Golf Super Rush gets updates with Super Mario Odyssey and more

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In just a few days, on June 25th, Nintendo Switch users will be able to pound in a wacky way in Mario Golf Super Rush. The fun golf game will be supported with free updates even after its release, as Nintendo showed at E3. There will also be a crossover with Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario Golf Super Rush: New courses and characters beyond release

Nintendo equipped its own E3-Direct with a new trailer for “Mario Golf Super Rush”. Much new was not shown, after all, the game will appear in a few days. But in return – in addition to an overview of the modes included – we got a very exciting outlook on what to expect after the release.

“Mario Golf Super Rush” is According to its launch even with free updates supported, the new courses and characters bring. The official PR release states:


“Even after the fast-paced sports game from the Mushroom Kingdom appears on  June 25th,  golfers can look forward to new surprises: Because free updates will make new golf courses and playable characters accessible in the future.”

Super Mario Odyssey Crossover Presents

A short scene in the E3 trailer for “Mario Golf Super Rush” already shows some of the new content that will be added post-release. Mario plays golf in New Donk City, one of the worlds from “Super Mario Odyssey”.

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We can be curious to see which new courses and characters will also find their way into Nintendo’s golf adventure. More information will follow in the future.


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