Marvel’s Spider-Man, scoring a basket is likely to break game


In Marvel’s Spider-Man there are many basketball courts, but Peter Parker is not a friend of basketball: scoring a point, in fact, risks breaking the game.

Wandering around the Manhattan of Marvel’s Spider-Man you can come across one of the many basketball courts that populate American cities. Too bad that Peter Parker, our beloved neighborhood Spider-Man, cannot make a basket. Although the ball has its own physics, in fact, Insomniac Games did not foresee the possibility of emulating LeBron James. And if someone wants to try, he has to do it at his own risk: the game is likely to break and fill with glitches.

This curious behavior was discovered by chance by the YouTuber Reetae27. Wandering around the city he came across one of the many playgrounds and, given the physics of managing the ball and the objects in general of Marvell’s Spider-Man, has decided to experiment.

Reetae27 found that some balloons would clone. Those moved by Peter also disappear after a few seconds. Some, but not all, balloons can be spider-maned and shot in the face of the bad guys. After finding out he could manipulate the ball, the next step was, of course, to try to score a basket. Looking at the non-playing characters, the Youtuber saw that it was behavior expected from the game, not for nothing Sony paid $ 229 million to buy Insomniac Games. Evidently, however, the developer hasn’t calculated that anyone would have wanted Peter Parker to do something like this.

After a lot of attempts, Reetae27 found that Spider-Man throws the ball too hard for it to bounce properly on the board. At that point he changed his strategy: if he can’t shoot like Curry, he would have crushed like Shaq. Jumping as only Spider-Man can do, he tried to throw the ball into the center of the basket. In this way, he discovered that in reality, it is not possible to score: a sort of invisible force field pushes the ball out of the iron.

His attempts are however very fun to see, for stylistic precision, inventiveness and narrative style. Here’s what an obsession can bring!

Any attempt, however, risks breaking the game and filling it with glitches and various bugs: the spectators began to fly a few meters from the ground or to walk on the fences. All this, just to make Peter Parker make a basket. But why spend all these hours on this vain search? Because, as Reetae27 says, it is sometimes fun to test the limits of our favorite video games.

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