Megan Fox on criticism of her son online: “People are evil and cruel”


Megan Fox recounted the criticism her 8-year-old son received online due to the fact that she loves to wear skirts and called people’s behavior as evil and cruel.

Megan Fox promotes Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox promotes Jennifer’s Body

As reported by CNN Entertainment, Megan Fox told the episodes of online bullying who has suffered his son of 8 years, criticized because of his clothing choices.

During a recent interview, the Transformers star lashed out at a series of people who bullied her son. Megan Fox called these people “wicked, horrible and cruel” and recounted: “I don’t want my son to ever read these things because he already hears them every day from his schoolmates, who say punctually ‘Boys don’t wear skirts'”.


Already in the past, Megan Fox has supported her son’s creativity and said: “Sometimes she loves to wear skirts”. On the occasion of her participation in The Talk in 2019, the actress said: “I send him to a liberal and really hippy school. Even in such an environment, however, there are children who make fun of him and say ‘Males don’t wear pink!'”.

Finally, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox’s previous husband, also intervened on the matter and encouraged his son: “I’ve heard that many people disagree about my son’s clothing. I always tell him not to mind things like that!”. Recently, Megan Fox stated that she dreams of a role in the Marvel or DC movies.


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