Meghan Markle: a flop run in advance for her children’s book?

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According to “The Sun”, the release of Meghan Markle’s book “The Bench” could make a flop. A hard blow for Prince Harry’s wife. Non-Stop People gives you more details.

Definitely, Meghan Markle is not going through an easy time. “Page Six” revealed earlier this week that human bones were found on a road near the home of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. A macabre discovery took place on May 24 during landscaping work. For Meghan Markle who dreamed of a stress-free life, away from the British royal family, this is another blow. But it’s not the only one Archie’s mom has to cash in in the last few days. According to “The Sun”, the release of his children’s book, “The Bench”, could make a real flop. And for good reason, while the publication is scheduled for June 8, Waterstones, a major British bookstore chain, comparable to FNAC in France, has decided to remove Meghan Markle’s book from its shelves.

The release is scheduled for June 8th!

The American actress, seen in the series “Suits” on Netflix, has nothing to do with it. This decision made by Waterstones comes due to a very strained relationship with Meghan Markle’s editor, Penguin Random. He decided to limit the Waterstones chain of bookstores from buying as many books as it wanted. A decision that does not pass at all. “We are not boycotting PRH stocks but we are doing everything we can to keep customer availability good despite the overall drop in inventories,” Waterstones said. If this conflict is not resolved before the release of Meghan Markle’s book, “it could have an impact on sales”, warns “The Sun”.

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