“Meghan Markle possible guest”, the latest rumors


The first rumors about the new edition of C’è Posta per te arrive.

Preparations are underway for There is Mail for you, which will return to air next year with its twenty-fifth edition. To launch thebomb indiscretion is the weekly Chi, which spoke of a possible participation in meghan markle’s program, wife of the Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle among the guests of C’è Posta per te?

Maria De Filippi will return again this year at the helm of C’è Posta per te, the talk show of the feelings of Channel 5. According to the latest indiscretion reported by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini, it seems that the beloved presenter is determined to bring a prestigious studio international guest, which would come directly from the British royal family.

We are talking about Meghan Markle, wife of the Prince Harry, which a few months ago caused a stir for the exclusive interview granted to Oprah Winfrey, with clear accusations against the British crown. “Maria De Filippi, the rest of the queen- after attending the funeral of her friend Raffaella Carrà, the presenter took a very short break at the beach. A few days of relaz, but without ever ‘detaching’ from work, between the editing of Temptation Island and the lineups of Tu si que vales. Meanwhile, there are rumors that among the guests of C’è Posta per te there could be Meghan Markle …” it reads in the weekly.

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At the moment, however, there has been no no confirmation. Meghan Markle will really be guest of De Filippi at C’è Posta per te? We’ll see. And that’s not all. Rumor reveal the participation in the program also of two beloved alumni of friends, Julia Stable and Sangiovanni.

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