Mia Khalifa Poses for a Session Showing off Her Silhouette and Charms


Mia Khalifa surprised her fans again while posing for a flirty photoshoot, her outfit was striking and was a little open from the top

The businesswoman and former actress Mia Khalifa spoiled her fans by showing them a bit of one of her photoshoots, where she posed in addition to sitting in a fantastic outfit.

There were two photos that he published on his Instagram stories a few hours ago, although he did not share much information about it, surely more than one of his followers was delighted to see it.

Since she retired from the film industry in 2014, Mia Khalifa began to be a model for various brands, thanks to the popularity that she made with her 28 films, which to date continue on the Internet.

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His popularity began to rise like foam in 2015, it was then that he became a strong celebrity, he currently has 24.6 million followers on his Instagram account.

To date, the well-known model and businesswoman have 2,123 publications on her Instagram account, without a doubt she is quite active in that account, but she is even more so in her stories, sometimes she has more than five a day.

Sarah Joe Chamoun is better known as Mia Khalifa has become one of the favorite personalities of Internet users, even apparently her name is still one of the most searched on Google.


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