Offset took Cardi B to the Super Bowl for their first date: “I did things big”


Offset and Cardi B soon they will become parents for the second time but now it’s time to take a step back to the beginning of their story because the rapper told their first date!

We already knew from an old interview with Rolling Stones that Kiari Cephus had noticed Belcalis Almánzar (the real names of the two artists) when she was not yet famous at the beginning of the 2017 and had arranged a dinner with her and other up-and-coming singers. During that dinner, he had explained, he had noticed that Cardi B also liked him in a romantic sense.

Now we know how this story continued, that is, with the invitation to go out together alone: “For our first date I did things big. I wanted to do something that is usually not normal to do. I wanted to have fun. So I took her to the Super Bowl. said Offset in the living room of the Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Super Bowl is one of the most prestigious events in the sport, but also in the entertainment world with the musical performance in the middle of the game: that year she had performed nothing less than Lady Gaga!


Offest also said he had bet 10 thousand dollars on the victory of his Atlanta Falcons (he was born in Georgia, whose capital is Atlanta) against the New England Patriots: in the end, with a spectacular comeback carried out by Tom Brady, the Patriots had been crowned NFL champions and so he had lost the bet.

But do you know what I won? My wife” he added. A few months later they were in fact married in secret!

Last June, Offset and Cardi B announced that they were staying waiting for their second child together, after Kulture born in 2018.

The rapper he’s also dad of Jordan, 11 years, Kalea Marie, 6 years, and Kody, 6 years old, born from previous relationships.

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