Olivia Rodrigo has a new boyfriend: producer Adam Faze


After making us participate in the break up with Joshua Bassett (all his latest album, Sour, is full of arrows and references to him), Olivia Rodrigo came out into the open with Adam Faze, the one who could be in effect her new boyfriend.

Here they are together at the premiere of Space Jam: New Legends (the highly anticipated animated film with LeBron James), where they hugged and held hands all the time (in the video we see him ensing her waist from behind).

At the event there was also Charli D’Amelio and it seems that Olivia Rodrigo took the opportunity to present them Adam Faze as a “new boyfriend”. According to a source of and! News, the two were very close-knit and never hid that there was some tenderness between them. In addition, they climbed on all the rides of the Six Flags Magic Mountains, the park where the screening was held. At the end of the evening, they left together. But how did they meet? Also according to the insider, through mutual friends: the young producer would have collaborated with G-Eazy and produced videos of Goody Grace and it would be quite well known in the American music scene.

Several present then confirmed that he also presented Olivia like his girlfriend.

For all the other news, we just have to wait. But if they are roses, they will bloom!


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