On Transparencies! Demi Rose Captivates With This Open Blouse


The beautiful British model who has so surprised her fans is undoubtedly Demi Rose, who recently published several photos wearing an open and translucent shirt

Recently, Demi Rose, a well-known British model, and social media celebrity has caused a great commotion among her followers because she appeared with a fully transparent long shirt, gave us two flirty photos.

Demi Rose Mawby continues with her vacation on the magical island of Ibiza as she herself mentions, although this time the model and businesswoman does not appear on any beach in this paradise without a doubt she managed to dazzle more than one.

This is thanks to the fact that any content that she publishes immediately begins to rise like foam among the taste of Internet users, for Demi Rose is a combination of innocence and her flirtatious way of appearing in her photos, which are mostly a little uploaded. tone.

It was precisely this new publication from three hours ago that has several of her millions of followers sighing for her again.


It seems that the beautiful British woman is in a small field of organic agriculture, because behind them there are some crops and perhaps fruit trees, the latter because Demi Rose is holding with one of her hands what appears to be a juicy orange.

The shirt he is wearing is wide striped and with buttons, in it, you can see several colors of a warm range such as orange, coffee, and beige, both in the upper part and in the lower part he decided not to button it so we see it a little open and very flirtatious.


Although it is more than evident that she is not wearing anything underneath and that her shirt is transparent, thanks to the colors we see in her it is difficult to see her figure completely, although this changes a bit in the second photo where she appears from behind.

As you will surely remember Demi Rose has a great figure, her subsequent charms are immediately noticed in this flirty photo, something curious about the photos is that her feet are not visible and although it seems that she is barefoot, it would be impossible because there are many dry leaves and perhaps branches so you could hurt your beautiful feet.

The model Lyna Pérez wrote in her comment box, as did 809 other people among celebrities and fans, also having 92.7 thousand red hearts after 3 hours of having published these photos.

You make me feel like I can do anything and I am very happy to be with you “,” You are beautiful “,” Beautiful lady “, wrote some fans.


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