Only Pants, Daniella Chávez Did Wonders for the Camera


Covering her charms with her hands, Daniella Cháves modeled in pants and did wonders for the camera on video

Something that we have very clear is that Daniella Chávez can do wonders in front of a camera and specifically only with her cell phone, modeling and showing off to the fullest for her loyal Internet followers.

This time we board a photograph in which the beautiful influencer, appeared only a pair of black shiny vinyl that made her charms shine and became the center of attention in the social network of Twitter.

In case you did not know, Daniella Chávez also uses her account a lot on that social network of the bluebird where she communicates different situations in addition to having a closer interaction than she has on her Instagram with her fans.

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However, this video simply worked to delight all those who decided to enter their profile or this note, so we recommend you not to miss it and also share it with those close to you so they do not miss it.

It is incredible that only pants and sneakers have managed to create this piece of entertainment so attractive for users who did not stop playing it to see it more closely and observe the details.



tourist place and the most conical buildings in addition to also visiting the central park and taking a ride in a helicopter.

She took advantage of every moment that she was in that great city and recorded videos and took pictures for all of us so that we can accompany her on that journey that she thought was one of the best she has done in 2021.

By the way, sometimes the young woman places some discounts and promotions on her page, she has even put it for free for a few moments but this does not always happen so we recommend that you be aware of our notes to find out when she does.


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