Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford talk about the end of Gossip Girl and the reboot


In the framework of the topic “Actors on Actors conversation”, the media Variety met up with two former agents the cult series teenage Gossip GirlPenn Badgley and Chace Crawford. The interpreters of Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald have been discussed for almost an hour about his memories of the series of Josh Schwartz, referring in particular in the twsit final, which saw that good old Dan, in fact, the famous “Gossip Girl” of the story (dubbed by Kristen Bell during the entire duration of the series), which turned into a website all the secrets of juicy the elite teen on the Upper East Side. Xo Xo ! A finale that is certainly unexpected, but not the most coherent according to Chace Crawford.

“At the end of ‘Gossip Girl’regardless of your reaction to the fact that this is malignant or not, is Gossip Girl ” – was not really the character of Dan. Is it not so ?”

“Yes”says Penn Badgley, before returning, a little later, at the end of the series, and the revelation of his character :

“I’ve always tried to be transparent, open, and I’m grateful to ‘Gossip Girl’ that puts me in a role and given the particular effect that is a. despite my performance, the fact that it is just for me, one of the main characters of a series called ‘Gossip Girl’that is, in fact, “Gossip Girl” is interesting – even if we can debate the question of whether it makes sense or not. And to the question of whether Dan is actually a main character in the series or not, because in truth, the heart of the series was elsewhere.”

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In reality, the serial is mainly based on friendship, tangled up between Serena and Blair, or even, unfortunately, in the story of toxic love between Blair and Chuck. In the end, the character that truly represents the essence of Gossip Girl is none other than the Queen B, Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester. However, Penn Badgley is no doubt that thanks to the writers of Gossip Girl for this turn the end, which can be allowed to pick up the paper (very problematic, and he is aware of) of Joe in You. The actor has been able to demonstrate that he knew how to play the duplicity.

Also, Chace Crawford, as can be seen in a role of super-hero is far from being “super” in The Guysmakes a connection between the two functions of his former accomplice : “What is interesting with Joe, is that you can see as a strange continuation of the character of Dan.” Today, the two actors are fully aware of the impersonation of versions very cynical tropes of hollywood : the romantic hero and the super-hero without fear and without reproach on the surface.

Penn Badgley is also an analysis of the similarities between his two incarnations :

“The fact that I can play Joe is very logical in a certain way. The funny thing is that I was not excited about the idea of me saying, ‘Oh, this is an angle, so different and so interesting in a similar environment.” I was very aware of this and I was rather inclined to say : “it is very different, this is not the same paper.’ But somehow, it’s almost like Dan, but with blood on their hands”.

The result of the conversation between the two men, is made up of memories of the release of the iPhone 1 and the launch of Twitter (the series was a precursor to the importance given by the internet and social networks), it’s not going to rejuvenate ! These meetings will delight in any case, fans of the series, which is about to be rebootée with a new generation of teenagers of the Upper East Side addicted to your smart phone. And Penn Badgley to add about this : “I’m very interested in seeing what that looks like. I wish them all the best. And I am very curious to discover the reaction of the public.”

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