Pokémon GO: Lickitung in today’s Raid event February 15, 2020


The new Pokémon GO Raid Day has arrived, and the protagonist is Lickitung (with the new Lickitung Shiny version): all the details from Niantic Labs.

New weekend, the new event for Pokémon GO, the mobile title developed and published for free by Niantic Labs on android and iOS devices. Today, February 15, 2020, a Raid Day dedicated to Lickitung will be held: let’s see the details.

Today’s Pokémon GO Raid Day, February 15, 2020, is dedicated to Lickitung of the First Generation of Kanto. And we also see the times: the event will be held from 14:00 today until 17:00 later (local Italian time). Niantic Labs will give all players five Raid tickets to be used only and only for the Lickitung event, and which will disappear if unused: the opportunity is the right one to try to find, for the first time ever, Lickitung Shiny.

The chromatic version of Lickitung, presumably, will then remain available on Pokémon GO even at the end of the event, but without boost at the shiny rate. So get in touch with your friends and run to the nearest Pokémon Gym. Here is a summary image not only of the Lickitung Raid Day but more generally of the entire Valentine’s Day 2020 event.

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