Pokémon GO: Valentine’s Day 2020 event now available


Niantic Labs has finally made the long-awaited Valentine’s Day 2020 event available on Pokémon GO, let’s see all the details.

The Valentine’s Day 2020 event has finally started on Pokémon GO, the mobile title developed and published for free by the developers of Niantic Labs on Android smartphones and iOS devices. So let’s see all the details of the case.

Meanwhile, dates and times: the Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event is now available, starting today February 14, 2020; it will remain until 17 February 2020, at 22:00 (local Italian time. The bonuses are remarkable: apart from an increased spawn of pink Pokémon, Chansey Shiny and Lickitung Shiny is finally obtainable within the game. This is without counting the release of new pocket monsters, such as Audino and Alomomola of the Fifth Generation of Unova.

Other noteworthy bonuses on Pokémon GO are the 6-hour Pokémon Baits and the double catch candies; Lickitung will also be the protagonist of a dedicated Raid Day tomorrow.

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