Predator: Hunting Grounds, Dutch aka Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives in DLC, the timing of the updates detailed


The multiplayer game unbalanced Predator: Hunting Grounds is available since a few weeks now, and features battles between up to four mercenaries against a Predator. IllFonic we had been promised a DLC free for may and other add-on content for later, and he has not lied.

Predator Hunting Grounds Dutch

In may, June, July and August, we will have both the right to free updates and DLC pay, and other contributions of the kind are planned for after. The festivities begin on may 26 with an extension that is priced to unlock the character Dutchhis rifle QR5 Hammerhead and his knife. If you do not know Dutchit is simply the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film 87, which will be visible here, older but still with the traits of the actor !

The patch that accompanies it will be much more summary, as it will bring only audio cassettes, to unlock by gaining levels, telling us about the history of Dutch since the end of the film. The gift is nice for the fans of the saga, but for those who swear by the gameplayit is a little disappointing.

Predator Hunting Grounds calendar DLC Predator Hunting Grounds Dutch tapes

Future updates will add all the same weapons, modes and more, while the DLC the focus is on the characters.

Update : good news, Arnold Schwarzenegger has invested in the project at the point of doubling his character in Predator: Hunting Grounds.

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