PS5, the price may go up due to the cost of memories


It seems that Sony is having difficulty establishing the price of PS5 also due to the increase in costs on the market of the memories used inside the console.

According to Bloomberg’s latest analysis, the price of PS5 is set to rise. Sony, in fact, would be having difficulty finding the memories to be used inside the console.

In 2013, IHS Markit estimated that the price per unit of PS4 was $ 381. A price that translated into the console’s $ 399 launch. Thinking about a similar profit margin, Bloomberg estimates that the launch price of PlayStation 5 should be around $ 470. At the moment, each PS5, in fact, costs about 450 dollars.

price far above expectations that would be pushing Sony not to decide the price of PS5 yet. Also in the hope that Microsoft, which is presumably having similar problems, will reveal its plans for the Xbox Series X.

The company would be having difficulty finding DRAM and NAND memories at low cost and in good numbers, also due to the great demand on the market for this kind of component.

In this case, in fact, the problems come more from the mobile phone manufacturers than from the other console manufacturers. The series of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, whose features have been officially announced in recent days, all have 12GB of RAM, significantly increasing the demands on the market.

Whereas video game makers often have very low margins of gains on hardware, given that software and services provide the highest revenues, some Sony executives are pushing to sell the console at a loss and reach the installed base necessary to guarantee the sustainability of the platform as quickly as possible. Others, however, would like to maintain at least the same profit margin obtained with PS4.

Also, for this reason, Sony’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki had preached calmly and said that the matter was more delicate than expected. All these variables and internal discussions are keeping every type of official announcement on stand-by, despite everything seem to be ready now. Sony has already registered the PS5 brand in half the world, these console’s official website is online and has leaked – perhaps – more news than necessary, such as the silhouette of PlayStation 5.

$ 470 is too much for you for Sony’s new console?

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