Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart – You unlock these cheats and bonuses with gold bolts (Guide)

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Huge heads, gold-plated weapons, and unlimited ammunition and lives? You can unlock these cheats in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. And there are even more bonuses! All you have to do: collect enough gold bolts.

In this guide, we show you all the unlockable cheats and bonuses in “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” that you can get with gold bolts.


The locations of all gold bolts

There are a total of 25 gold bolts in “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”. Sometimes they are even hidden very cleverly. In the linked guide you can see the locations of all gold bolts :

Each gold bolt unlocks a new extra: With each gold bolt you collect, you get access to another cheat or bonus in the list. It happens chronologically. So you have to have found all 25 gold bolts to gild the weapons. It is worth checking after every Gold Bolt you collect to see what new extras you have unlocked.

Gold bolts bring you a whole range of cheats and bonuses. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

These cheats and bonuses are unlockable

  1. Key Designs: Rebel, QForce, Wasteland, Chewing Gum, Gold
  2. Bolt replacement: bullets, rubies, overcharge, coins
  3. Improved gallery: New characters in the gallery
  4. Hammer Designs: Rebel, QForce, Wasteland, Chewing Gum, Gold
  5. Photo Mode Pack 1: New Stickers and Frames for Photo Mode
  6. RPG: Damage numbers fly away from the enemy when you hit them
  7. Ship Designs Package 1: Rebel, Galactic Protection Force
  8. Rendering Modes Package 1: Noir, Sepia, Mars, Home Video
  9. Music package 1: Additional music for the jukebox in Zurkie’s
  10. Photo mode pack 2: Even more stickers and frames for photo mode
  11. Head size: tiny, large
  12. Key exchange package 1: cutthroat sword, cutthroat hammer, pirate sword, swordfish, key
  13. Hammer exchange package 1: cutthroat sword, cutthroat hammer, pirate sword, swordfish, key
  14. Homerun Bat: Knock opponents out of the stadium when you defeat them with a melee weapon
  15. Confetti Brains: If you hit an opponent’s weak spot, tons of confetti will pop out
  16. Photo Mode Pack 3: More Stickers and Photo Frames
  17. Music package 2: Even more music for the jukebox in Zurkie’s
  18. Rendering modes package 2: Newsprint, Cinematic, Retro
  19. Mirror mode: Turn the world upside down horizontally. Left is right and right is left!
  20. Key exchange package 2: Ratchet’s key, Rivet’s hammer, shovel, broom, pickaxe, skull sword
  21. Hammer exchange package 2: Ratchet’s key, Rivet’s hammer, shovel, broom, pickaxe, skull sword
  22. Ship Designs 2: Chewing Gum, Wasteland
  23. Unlimited energy
  24. Unlimited ammunition
  25. Gold weapons

Key as a melee weapon and a huge head? No problem! © Sony Interactive Entertainment




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