Shadowgun War Games, the review


The competitive shooter of MADFINGER Games makes its official debut on iOS and Android, and it’s a great sight: here is the review of Shadowgun War Games.

The review of Shadowgun War Games arrives a few hours after the official debut of the game on iOS and Android devices, although thanks to code it was possible to try in advance the definitive version of the competitive shooter by MADFINGER Games.

As was expected, a progression system has been introduced with respect to the beta that regulates access to the two modes and the five characters initially available based on the experience level.

The inevitable Season Pass is also included in the package, which guarantees a lot of extra rewards and faster growth, but which at the price of 9.99 euros finds itself out of the market compared to the aggressive approach of a subscription service like Apple Arcade, still unmatched today for the relationship between cost and content.

Speaking of content, the starting equipment of Shadowgun War Games is unfortunately not extraordinary in numerical terms: despite being very well characterized, the heroes that make up the roster are few, just as the modalities are extremely limited, just two: deathmatch and capture flag.

True, we are talking about an open building site (even the version of the game is 0.1), an experience that will inevitably grow from here to the next few months thanks to the release of characters, maps, and stipulations; however, it would perhaps have been the case to push a little more on the consistency in order to give greater value to the launch of the game.

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Gameplay and structure

Clearly inspired by productions such as Overwatch, with an emphasis on characters and related abilities rather than a frantic and realistic Call of Duty: Mobile-style actionShadowgun War Games does not support Bluetooth controllers for the time being but boasts an almost perfect touch control system, which by default uses automatic focus to allow us to better manage the movements and aim while moving within the scenario.

As highlighted in the tried, with some heroes an attempt has been made to swap this immediacy in favor of damage and effectiveness, using a separate fire button which, however, is inevitably cumbersome and breaks the dynamism of the gameplay. On balance, however, it is probably the right limit with respect to precision shots or rockets that can kill with a single bullet.

The roster, however small, boasts a certain personality and is very well characterized: there is the balanced character, Slade, with his assault rifle and grenades; or the unstoppable Revenant tank, armed with a brace and able to “terrify” its opponents; or the elusive Jet acrobat, who with his speed and teleportation is perfect in Capture the Flag.

Then we have the gynoid SARA, a support unit that activates energy barriers but hits hard with a rocket launcher; and finally, the sniper Willow, who makes lethal precision shots. Unlocking all the heroes does not take much time and there are no limitations dictated by the freemium model: this must certainly be recognized in the title of MADFINGER Games.

The developers did a great job balancing the equipment and the two special abilities accessible from the bottom of the screen, thus creating very pleasant fighters to use, all the more so considering the solidity of gunplay that treasures the past experiences of the series.

And then there is the graphics, really console-quality: you can set it to increase details and frame rates (in the case of our iPad Pro up to 90 fps ), so as to scale the experience if you have an older generation device, and the spectacle offered sometimes leaves us stunned, especially for the goodness of the design and for the use of colors perfectly similar to the atmospheres of the game.

Matchmaking is also very good, very fast and only rarely afflicted by latency problems, although there are still some youth problems, with connection errors or the inability to change nicknames for some server catch.

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